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The novel KRA by Aguidon

This page briefly describes how the book of KRA came to be.

More information about the author and the novel can be found on the About page and the Order page. There are also three short Video's, a trailer to give an impression of the atmosphere, some ambiance images included in the eBook and a short reading of the first paragraphs with background sound by Aguidon.

KRA by Aguidon

From rook to book

Aguidon found a young wild blue-eyed rook, abandoned by other rooks it seemed, sitting on a rock in his garden during the summer of 2005. The young bird attached to the man and returned daily to sit on his arm or shoulder and eat the food he provided. A photo of this rook is on the back of the paperback edition of KRA.


Some years later, this young domesticated wild rook inspired the writer and the idea for the story of KRA gradually took shape. With his affinity for computers, he decided to make an animated movie about the developing story.

In 2013 Aguidon got himself acquainted with some advanced 3D-software and invested loads of time, money and efforts in this project. The fictional story should cover not much more than one or two days in an undefined time, ages ago. It would therefore lack any elements of modern days. He imagined camerashots of important scenes and so, the tale started to form.

KRA by Aguidon

After spending well over a year adjusting countless parameters and variables, Aguidon came to the obvious conclusion that his own requirements, his search for nuance and detail made it practically impossible for him to create and finish such a realistically animated movie.

When the first scene was prepared completely three-dimensional, he decided to stop his efforts.

The picture shown on the front cover of the book is just one camera shot of this scene. Some details of this picture can be found spread over this website.

However, the author of KRA did not give up on his ambitions and chose to write the script in a way that it is readable like a book.

Being from the Netherlands, Aguidon hardly had any experience with the English language. In spite of that, he challenged himself and wrote the book in English.

He started writing the novel KRA in the summer of 2014 and finished the book in the spring of 2015. Because the author decided to publish the first edition himself, the name Aguidon also serves as the name of the publisher.

He found an indispensable native American English editor and contacted a Dutch printing company, which provides the offset printing and logistics.

Distribution in the US and the rest of the world will be provided via an Amazon company.

In the summer of 2015, the book KRA, the debut novel of Aguidon is finally ready and available in paperback.

KRA by Aguidon

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